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Tilapia in Tennessee

The beauty of being a fisherman lies in sniffing out rumors of either big fish, or big catches of fish. The latest rumor was of big catches of tilapia in Old Hickory Lake. As with all angling rumors it had to be investigated thoroughly.… Continue Reading “Tilapia in Tennessee”

Catfish Class

. Before I can tell this story properly, we must go back a few months to Memphis Tennessee. While at the Mississippi River Monsters event many catfish anglers had the honor of meeting Michael Conley. Michael had his life impacted profoundly by fishing and… Continue Reading “Catfish Class”

Hypothermia… The Quiet Killer

As anglers and hunters we all tend to be outdoors in some of the worst mother nature has to offer. Of all the bad things that could happen to us, hypothermia is the single most dangerous thing out there. It is the number one… Continue Reading “Hypothermia… The Quiet Killer”

ACT Pro angler team of Doug Muench and Scott Watson

I was fortunate enough to get some face time American Crappie Trail pro anglers Doug Muench and Scott Watson tonight. We talked ACT , pulling cranks, and where the American Crappie Trail is excelling. Watch for more about the two great guys in upcoming… Continue Reading “ACT Pro angler team of Doug Muench and Scott Watson”

Old Barns; A portal to the past

Old barns always intrigue me as they are the remnants of a time long gone. A time when people valued hard work and family. Old barns are the last pieces of an era where wood and hard labor could help put food on our… Continue Reading “Old Barns; A portal to the past”