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Charlie Brewers Slider Company

This week I was fortunate enough to spend a morning with Charlie and Caroline Brewer. They have what is probably the oldest, and most established, tackle company in Tennessee. Slider fishing makes some of the best smallmouth and crappie baits available today. This Tennessee… Continue Reading “Charlie Brewers Slider Company”

How to prevent frostbite

Between hunting and fishing it seems we all manage to pick the nastiest weather to pursue our passions. After all, just because it’s twelve degrees it’s no big deal, especially when it’s your first day off in weeks. A little prior knowledge and preparation… Continue Reading “How to prevent frostbite”

Hypothermia… The Quiet Killer

As anglers and hunters we all tend to be outdoors in some of the worst mother nature has to offer. Of all the bad things that could happen to us, hypothermia is the single most dangerous thing out there. It is the number one… Continue Reading “Hypothermia… The Quiet Killer”

ACT Pro angler team of Doug Muench and Scott Watson

I was fortunate enough to get some face time American Crappie Trail pro anglers Doug Muench and Scott Watson tonight. We talked ACT , pulling cranks, and where the American Crappie Trail is excelling. Watch for more about the two great guys in upcoming… Continue Reading “ACT Pro angler team of Doug Muench and Scott Watson”