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Crappie USA Guntersville Lake

This past Saturday was a lesson in adversity, and respecting mother nature, for the anglers fishing the Crappie USA event out of Goose Pond Colony. All week the weather forecast had been sketchy at best. Severe storms seemed to be the common denominator in…

American Crappie Trail: A look back at 2018 and glimpse forward into 2019.

Talking with Matt Morgan and Sam Heaton of the American Crappie Trail. They take a look back at 2018 and give us a glimpse of what to expect in 2019.  

Kent Driscoll of B’n’M poles

Kent and I talk everything from ducking hunting to new crappie products and his upcoming tournaments.

Tip of the week 1/7/19 Soft plastic selection for long line trolling.

This week’s tip comes from Charlie Brewer’s Slider Company Pro Angler Blake Phillips. “Everytime we get to a new lake we narrow down colors by water clarity. Darker in darker water, and lighter in clear water. Then we put out 4 different companies baits,…

Keeping your bait alive and healthy.

This weeks podcast was done on the water with Damon Melcho, X-treme bait systems owner, B’n’M pro angler Brad Whitehead. Also available on I Tunes and Google play.    

Tip of the week 12/31/18. Dragging tips for big river catfish.

This weeks tip comes from B’n’M catfish pro angler Ryan Lawrence. “When dragging baits use structure snakes instead of traditional lead weights. They are flexible and pull though, and over, structure/cover. Due to their slim profile they tend so come un snagged on the…

How To Hunt More & Walk Less… The anatomy of a topographical map

Most Deer and Turkey hunters use maps for one purpose and that is to navigate from place to place. The truth is a map is much more than a navigation or survival tool, it’s an awesome scouting tool as well. In recent years the…