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Podcast: Brad Whitehead and Kevin McCarley talk Tennessee River crappie

Tonight I talk Tennessee River Crappie with B’n’M Prostaffer Brad Whitehead and Charlie Brewer Pro Kevin McCarley.

American Crappie Trail Guntersville

A lot of people won’t realize the significance of what happened this weekend in the Goose Pond Bait and Tackle parking lot. Prior to Valentines weekend Guntersville Lake was a world class top 5 bass fishery. You didn’t hear about anything except bass fishing, and…

Keeping your bait alive and healthy.

This weeks podcast was done on the water with Damon Melcho, X-treme bait systems owner, B’n’M pro angler Brad Whitehead. Also available on I Tunes and Google play.    

Tip of the week 12/17/18. Protecting your investment.

I don’t know about everyone else but my rods never get scratched up here at the house, it’s always in transit to and from the lake. To combat the problem I tried numerous rod covers. Some were just to cumbersome, and others were so…

Pickwick Lakes bronze bombs of fall.

The great thing about fall on Pickwick lake is that the largemouth really put on a show. From shallow water cranking to blowing up on hollow bodies frogs it’s almost nonstop action. After All that’s what we have become famous for, but according to…

Tilapia in Tennessee

The beauty of being a fisherman lies in sniffing out rumors of either big fish, or big catches of fish. The latest rumor was of big catches of tilapia in Old Hickory Lake. As with all angling rumors it had to be investigated thoroughly….

Catfish Class

. Before I can tell this story properly, we must go back a few months to Memphis Tennessee. While at the Mississippi River Monsters event many catfish anglers had the honor of meeting Michael Conley. Michael had his life impacted profoundly by fishing and…