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Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak

Given that Christmas is a month away I wanted to do a review on the Outdoor Edge Razorguide pak. I think most outdoors people have more than a single knife. However, we all have a favorite knife. When it comes to game preparation and… Continue Reading “Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak”

The Bobwhites of the Bluegrass state

When one thinks of western Kentucky it conjures up thoughts of basketball, bourbon, and horses. Even though all those things accurately represent Kentucky there is one thing missing, and that is bobwhite quail. Last season I discovered a little piece of quail hunting paradise… Continue Reading “The Bobwhites of the Bluegrass state”

Review: Orvis Pro LT vest

I used to think I was only a jacket hoarder but, the results of a recent closet cleaning indicated that was a lie. Early last season I purchased an Orvis Pro LT upland vest. I have worn it so much I had forgotten about… Continue Reading “Review: Orvis Pro LT vest”

Hot leather and bear grease.

Recently I was talking with a younger upland hunter about boots. I was looking for an all leather boot that was not to heavy and not a “hiking” style boot. I have a thing for a good quality leather boot. His question was why… Continue Reading “Hot leather and bear grease.”

Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket

Admittedly I am, or rather was, a bit of a jacket hoarder. I have entirely too many jackets for a single hunter. That has changed because I had the opportunity to test the Tensaw jacket from Tom Beckbe. This particular jacket is the intersection… Continue Reading “Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket”