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5 Fathers day wingshooting gifts that wont disappoint.

We have all gotten “those” fathers day gifts. The socks, ties, and coffee cups that adorn the bottom of a drawer somewhere. I have put together 5 gifts for the Wing shooting dad in your life that are sure to put a smile on… Continue Reading “5 Fathers day wingshooting gifts that wont disappoint.”

Class: Tying inshore saltwater patterns.

Getting ready for that coastal vacation this summer? Well we have a class for you. On May 20th I am holding a class on tying inshore patterns for Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, and Seatrout. The class will be held at Fly South in Nashville Tennessee.… Continue Reading “Class: Tying inshore saltwater patterns.”

Book Review: All The Time in the World by John Gierach

After finishing the latest┬áJohn Gierach Book “All the time in the world” I immediately grabbed a 5-weight and went trout fishing. John has a way of transporting us through all the bullcrap, so often associated with fly fishing. He has no ulterior motives to… Continue Reading “Book Review: All The Time in the World by John Gierach”

Patagonia Swift Current Wading Pants

I find it somewhat satisfying when I can buy a fishing product made from anything that is recycled, especially recycled nylon fishing nets. The Patagonia Swift current wading pants are one of those products.. Made in Vietnam and Fair Trade Certified, meaning workers were… Continue Reading “Patagonia Swift Current Wading Pants”

Old Canine friends: More than just a dog.

To this day I am not sure how I got there or exactly why. All I do know is at the lowest, and most devastating, point in my life I found peace at a gravesite of my first canine friend. The funeral was finally… Continue Reading “Old Canine friends: More than just a dog.”