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Low Country Fly Fishing

Fly fishing the Low Country of south Carolina with Scotty Davis of Flymen Fishing Company.

Three post hunting season Preps to make 2021 even better.

I, like many others, am mourning the passing of the 2020 deer season. Now its time to pull stands, cameras, and blinds. In other words the not so fun part of season, but still a part of the experience nonetheless. However there are things… Continue Reading “Three post hunting season Preps to make 2021 even better.”

The Outdoor Edge 3.5 Razorlite edc

Over the years I have developed a fetish of sorts for knives. I have boxes full and none really became a true Everyday carry knife for an outdoorsman. I am an outdoorsman so i never fell victim to the “tactical” knife trap. I want… Continue Reading “The Outdoor Edge 3.5 Razorlite edc”

The Double Barrel Popper Review

I have always been a lover of “dry flies” or poppers. As a predominantly warm water fly fisherman poppers have always had a large presence in my box. That being said, I have been tying my own flies for decades so, I tend to… Continue Reading “The Double Barrel Popper Review”

The anatomy of a popper part 2: Tail material selection.

Poppers, be they bass or panfish, are the staple pattern in many fly fishers boxes. They are also the most misunderstood patterns on the market. You can actually manipulate not only the profile of a popper but the noise it makes with the material… Continue Reading “The anatomy of a popper part 2: Tail material selection.”