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When one season ends another is already started. A tribute to 2020.

Some people say “When one door closes another one opens” everytime something negative happens. Personally if one door opens as another is closing you’re probably in jail.

Charlie Brewers Slider Company

This week I was fortunate enough to spend a morning with Charlie and Caroline Brewer. They have what is probably the oldest, and most established, tackle company in Tennessee. Slider fishing makes some of the best smallmouth and crappie baits available today. This Tennessee… Continue Reading “Charlie Brewers Slider Company”

Destination: Tennessee and the Caney Fork River

  As I netted the final Caney Fork Rainbow Trout of the day, in near total darkness, I wondered if anyone realized what a positive impact the TVA has had on coldwater fishing in Tennessee. In 1933 President Roosevelt, as part of his New… Continue Reading “Destination: Tennessee and the Caney Fork River”

Making Sense of Hunting Optics

In today’s world of high tech optics the myriad of choices presented to the consumer are endless. Hopefully this article can make things a bit “clearer”, pardon the pun, for the average hunter. Rifle Scopes A good quality scope has been the key to… Continue Reading “Making Sense of Hunting Optics”

A quick Trip to the Grocery Store

Sometimes even something as simple as a trip to the grocery store can go from mundane to amazing. This Flock of Geese were trying to relax on a local pond. Then for a very short window the clouds parted and let the sun cast… Continue Reading “A quick Trip to the Grocery Store”