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The future of Archery depends on our children.

  In 35 years of bowhunting the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that bowhunters are the worst people to help get some “started” in archery. Now once a person knows how to shoot and has the basic archery skill set… Continue Reading “The future of Archery depends on our children.”

Making Sense of Hunting Optics

In today’s world of high tech optics the myriad of choices presented to the consumer are endless. Hopefully this article can make things a bit “clearer”, pardon the pun, for the average hunter. Rifle Scopes A good quality scope has been the key to… Continue Reading “Making Sense of Hunting Optics”

Hypothermia… The Quiet Killer

As anglers and hunters we all tend to be outdoors in some of the worst mother nature has to offer. Of all the bad things that could happen to us, hypothermia is the single most dangerous thing out there. It is the number one… Continue Reading “Hypothermia… The Quiet Killer”

A quick Trip to the Grocery Store

Sometimes even something as simple as a trip to the grocery store can go from mundane to amazing. This Flock of Geese were trying to relax on a local pond. Then for a very short window the clouds parted and let the sun cast… Continue Reading “A quick Trip to the Grocery Store”

Old Barns; A portal to the past

Old barns always intrigue me as they are the remnants of a time long gone. A time when people valued hard work and family. Old barns are the last pieces of an era where wood and hard labor could help put food on our… Continue Reading “Old Barns; A portal to the past”