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TWRA on the Job

I am forever hearing people complain about the TWRA not doing much of anything. Well this weekend while fishing Percy Priest I was witness to the local officer checking fishing licenses. Anyone who has fished Stewart’s Creek knows there is always a plethora of… Continue Reading “TWRA on the Job”

A quick Trip to the Grocery Store

Sometimes even something as simple as a trip to the grocery store can go from mundane to amazing. This Flock of Geese were trying to relax on a local pond. Then for a very short window the clouds parted and let the sun cast… Continue Reading “A quick Trip to the Grocery Store”

Old Barns; A portal to the past

Old barns always intrigue me as they are the remnants of a time long gone. A time when people valued hard work and family. Old barns are the last pieces of an era where wood and hard labor could help put food on our… Continue Reading “Old Barns; A portal to the past”

Sometimes a hunt takes a beautiful turn.