The Double Barrel Popper Review

I have always been a lover of “dry flies” or poppers. As a predominantly warm water fly fisherman poppers have always had a large presence in my box. That being said, I have been tying my own flies for decades so, I tend to stay on top of new head styles and materials that hit the market. A few seasons ago I stumbled across the Double Barrel popper head from Flymen Fishing Company and have loved them ever since. The design allows for great noise in the water and that makes them perfect for feeding fish. When on feeding fish my poppers used to get lost in all the action, that is a problem I no longer have. They are also very light so casting them is a piece of cake, I almost exclusively use a 6wt Redington predator for bass fishing and it handles these with no issues,

The Double Barrel popper heads come in several colors and three sizes.

The heads appear to be two cylinders welded together with uniform cupped face. That design moves a lot of water and can make some noise! The recessed sockets for they eyes keeps them from getting knocked off on the bite, I use Loon Outdoors UV resin over the top of them. The orange heads are my go to for smallmouth and the green for largemouth. The blue color has had some success on redfish in the gulf as well.

If your not a tyer you can still get the Double Barrel Popper from Flymen Fishing company as a complete fly. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed!

After two season of using these I can give them the highest marks!

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