Review: Lakewood Products “Clay Shooter Case”.

Being an upland hunter, sporting clays shooter, and fly fisherman I tend to be a bag hoarder. I have bags on top of bags. Like most however I only really use a handful of them and the rest were just money down the drain. That is not the case with the Clay Shooter Bag from Lakewood products. Being a hard sided case was the first thing that got my attention. I have a closet full of soft sided range bags that all got retired when this case arrived.

The case is typical of all Lakewood’s products in that the exterior is a foam lined denier Nylon with a ballistic nylon bottom. The interior is made of ABS plastic. I have literally parked my Polaris UTV on this case and not collapsed it!

The things that set this case apart from my plethora of soft bags is that is has three compartments, The sides are capable of holding 200 shells and the center compartment holds another 200 empties. I generally carry 100 rounds, A pair of Ranger Shooting glasses with multiple lenses, Orvis shooting gloves, and my Otopro Hearing protection rather than the total payload of 200 shells and 200 empties.

Other handy features are the adjustable shoulder strap and the fact it floats. Floatability makes this a great bag for the waterfowl hunter since it floats with 200 rounds of shotgun ammo inside of it! The soft exterior pocket is perfect for lens cleaners and range cards.

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