Review: Redfish Brushes from Sight cast Fishing Company.

I have been tying flies professionally for many years, The invention of the Brush was one of the most significant developments in the craft. For most of that time two major companies have dominated that market. Well not anymore since Sight Cast Fishing Company came out with their Redfish Brushes.

Most, if not all brushes available today are very uniform in width with little “Fishy” characteristics. They look great in a vice but lack that fish appeal. This is where the Redfish Brushes shine. They are crazy all over the place in length giving a much better profile. They also have rubber legs built in the brush.

Redfish brushes don’t come in every color in the spectrum but, they do come in the RIGHT colors.

  • Sandbar Tan
  • Golden Bronze
  • Shrimp Pink
  • Copper Rust
  • Blue Crab
  • Purple Black
  • Olive Copper

The brushes are destined for greatness in fly fishing shallow water.

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