Review: Lakewood products take down shotgun case

I have been using the Lakewood’s Products take down shotgun case for a couple years now and felt it was time to talk about this magnificent piece of equipment.

As I have stated in other reviews, on different Lakewood’s products. The case is constructed of a very durable foam lines denier exterior, ballistic nylon bottom and ABS plastic interior. This particular case also has a foam lined interior that wont scratch your shotgun,

The stock compartment has a removeable spacer to accommodate even the longest of stocks, I am 6’2 with long arms and don’t need to remove it. It also is roomy enough for adjustable butt plates and cheek risers. The forearm compartment will also handle any forearm you will ever encounter. There is a storage compartment that will hold a multitude of accessories. The barrel compartment will accommodate even the longest target barrels, Mine are 32 inches and there is 6 more inches of available space. It has space for 6 standard choke tubes, the only downside to this case is it wont hold extended tubes in the holders but, the accessory compartment holds cases for extended choke tubes so no worries there. To make the case deep enough for extended choke tubes would take away from the slim design and would add weight to the case. This case is also available in 1,2, or 3 barrel options that are perfect for Skeet and Sporting clays shooters.

I bought the case to transport my clays gun back and forth to the range but it has since turned into my travel case for my hunting trips as well. The case, as with all the products, is virtually indestructible.

I would give this case 5 stars for the itinerant bird hunter and target shooter.

One Comment on “Review: Lakewood products take down shotgun case

  1. Thank you for sharing your detailed review of the Lakewood Products take-down shotgun case. It’s clear that this case is a top-notch piece of equipment constructed with durability and functionality in mind. The combination of a foam-lined denier exterior, ballistic nylon bottom, and ABS plastic interior ensures excellent protection for your shotgun. I appreciate the attention to detail, such as the removable spacer in the stock compartment to accommodate different stock lengths and the roomy forearm compartment for any type of forearm. The storage compartment for accessories and the barrel compartment with ample space for even the longest target barrels are great features. While it’s a minor downside that the case doesn’t hold extended choke tubes in the holders, the accessory compartment solves that issue.


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