Old Barns; A portal to the past

Old barns always intrigue me as they are the remnants of a time long gone. A time when people valued hard work and family.


Old barns are the last pieces of an era where wood and hard labor could help put food on our tables. Today we don’t have barn raising parties, we pay a steel building company to come put up a barn. Steel barns will never have the character of an old decaying wooden structure.


I especially love to see an old barn being used on the farm, not being torn down so some hispter mom can make retro furniture.


The out buildings made this picture as it shows the totality of the family farm from years gone by.


This old barn with its loft brings back some memories of picking up hay from my younger days.


Duck River 9-24-2017

Fall is trying hard to show its beautiful face on the Duck River. Soon the trees will show us the beauty that can be found in change.


Squirrel hunting yet again.


Took another one of my walks in the woods and found the nut trees to be heavy with mast. It may make the deer hunting a little harder but the squirrel hunting sure has been fun.

Small game hunting was how I got my start in the late 1970’s. ┬áMost youngsters of my generation grew up chasing birds and small game as the staple hunting opportunity.┬áBack then deer hunting success was based on if you saw a deer, not necessarily if you killed one. Yes here in Tennessee we still kill our food and harvest our crops.

First signs of fall

The cooler mornings are not the only signs of a beautiful fall here in Tennessee.

DSC_0005 (2).jpg

DSC_0007 (3).jpg