FIshpond Thunderhead pack review.

In a world where sustainability has been diluted to a catch phrase on a corporate slide, there are still companies who live by the term. One of them is Fishpond USA. As a manufacturer of premium fishing gear they truly understand that sustainability and conservation go hand in hand. Hence the line of Thunderhead submersible packs and travel bags. Their policy can be found here. The Thunderhead line of gear are all made of recycled one time use water bottles, you know the ones we pick up on almost everybody of water we fish.

This review is on the Thunderhead Submersible backpack. When I ordered it I had concerns about comfort and durability in a pack made of old water bottles. Soon after I received my pack those were put to rest almost instantly. The pack is nearly bombproof and very “Modular” In nature. The self healing zipper is probably the best change for 2022. It actually works very well. The removable lumbar support is nice to have for me as I seldom hike with a pack, However my pack goes in the boat with me every time so I simply remove it. I tested my pack on several trips to the Stuart Florida inlet. We got rained on, sprayed daily with saltwater, and even dropped it in the water for a few hours while we fished, Bottom line was everything stayed dry and the pack was simple to clean afterwards. Here is a listing of the features, of what has become by go to bag.

  • Lariat gear loops are included for one side of the pack. (Fly Rod tube carriers)
  • Foam shoulder straps
  • Removable lumbar support
  • Multiple attachment points for accessories.
  • Removable interior organization pocket

Give the Fishpond Thunderhead pack a try! I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 

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