Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak

Given that Christmas is a month away I wanted to do a review on the Outdoor Edge Razorguide pak. I think most outdoors people have more than a single knife. However, we all have a favorite knife. When it comes to game preparation and processing, this is where “all the other knives” come into our possession. As I have gotten older, and hopefully wiser, I have become more cognizant about game care in the field. The ability to efficiently bone out a carcass and cape a trophy out are paramount.

De boning, and sawing of bones, have always been a pain when doing these tasks in the field. The main reason is always because I never have the exact knife i needed in my possession. The Razorguide pak solves that issue. Having a Long & Flexible knife blade is key for effectively boning out game. A fillet knife is perfect and the Razorbone knife is a ideal substitute. Given that bones will dull a blade extremely quick the replaceable blades are as handy as the proverbial shirt pocket.

The Bone saw is a great addition and the perfect size weight.

The Razorcape caping knife fits the hand very well, and facilitates good control when caping out big game trophies. Once again the replaceable blade insure you’re not wasting time sharpening a blade in the field.

The waxed cotton carrying case holds all three tools and replaceable blades together in a very compact case. Lastly the orange handles make these easy to find when you drop them in the field.

MSRP is 99.00 which make this a prefect Christmas gift for the outdoors person in the family.

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