Review: Orvis game shears

While a pair of side cutters will get the job done, as far as upland game cleaning, so will a chainsaw but we don’t use them. Last season I bought a pair of Orvis game shears and, in total honesty, they were one of my best purchases of the year. They were one of the very few, under 100.00, that I could find that were not made in China. These are made in Italy out of forged stainless steel.

Ergonomics– Most shears are simply made too large and have huge rubber handles to offset the horrid ergonomics. These are small enough to not require rubber grips and fit an average size hand very comfortably.

Durability– These are heavy duty shears and after a season of Quail, grouse, pheasant, dove and small game cleaning they operate and function like they day I took them out of the box.

Sharpness– This area is why I was in search of new game shears to begin with. Most of the other brands available are made in China out of the cheapest steel possible. These are still sharp today after cleaning lots of wild birds, small game, and becoming my go to kitchen shears as well. The heavily notched blade makes these shears cut through small bones with ease.

Price point– The price point on the Orvis shears is 89.00. You can spend a lot more and not get anything better, and you can spend less and replace them every year. I feel like 89.00 is a bargain for shears of this quality.

Overall I am 100% satisfied with the Orvis Game shears. They have become one of the tools i never leave home without.

One Comment on “Review: Orvis game shears

  1. Been thinking about getting these myself. Recently just got a pair from Gerber, will try those 1st and decide if an upgrade is needed. Outdoor Edge also has my eye.


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