Review: TFO Mangrove Coast 7Wt Rod

Treasure Coast Snook

I decided that I wanted a better rod for inshore saltwater fishing and after a lot of studying I choose the Mangrove Coast series from Temple Fork Outfitters. Given the reputation of TFO I thought it was a safe bet and have never been more correct!

Fit and Finish– The Mangrove Coast series has the fit and finish of a much higher end rod. Its beautiful straight out of the box and does not loose any of its appearance attributes after 100’s of hours in the salt.

Weight– Its not the lightest rod, nor the heaviest either. I found it to be extremely comfortable casting for 6-8 hours for dock light snook.

Accuracy– I found the Mangrove Coast series to be extremely accurate to 50 feet and moderately accurate out to 65 feet. I used the Rio outbound lines on both the 7wt and 9wt rods.

Action– The action was a solid medium with just enough softness to make it deadly accurate on short cast to laid up fish. This was paramount fishing docks at night because the ability to feel every step of the cast made for some truly glorious moments in the dark.

Price point– I expected this rod to be in the upper middle retail price category. After buying three, 6,7 & 9wt, at a retail price point of 299.95 I was a little shocked. Temple Fork packed a lot of rod into a low price point!

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