Review: Dumb luck and the Kindness of Strangers.

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I recently finished the new book, Dumb Luck and the Kindness of Strangers, by John Gierach. If your a Gierach Fan you will love the book as it reads like your hearing the stories while standing in your favorite fly shop. If you have never read his work and you like fishing stories, that may or may not be about fishing, then this is a must read.

He has written some books that were sure enough page burners in the past but, this one has got to be some of this best work all together. He introduces readers to some new friends, and a dog or two, that truly bring the story alive.

The book has 22 chapters in total. Of those 21 chapters read like the Geirach of the past, captivating, easy to feel as if your standing there seeing the story pan out in real time, and his signature no bullshit style of writing. Then there is chapter 18 ,”Up in Michigan”. This chapter comes off as probably his best story ever written. When I finished the chapter I am positive I had went through every possible emotion that a person can have. Once again “Up in Michigan” was a fishing story that had very little to do about the fishing.

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