Category: Hunting

Texas pig hunt 10/2/2017

Went to Texas this past week on a pig hunting adventure. Now I am wondering how soon I can move to Texas! The pigs were awesome, ┬áthe scenery and accommodations were just as fabulous. Manx outfitters is a great operation and everything there is… Continue Reading “Texas pig hunt 10/2/2017”

Sometimes a hunt takes a beautiful turn.

Squirrel hunting yet again.

Took another one of my walks in the woods and found the nut trees to be heavy with mast. It may make the deer hunting a little harder but the squirrel hunting sure has been fun. Small game hunting was how I got my… Continue Reading “Squirrel hunting yet again.”

Tennessee Bird Hunting

I have been running wide open and gotten behind on my updates. Its been a great few weeks to be in Tennessee. Initially dove season was a wash, literally due to the fall out from Hurricane Harvey. We waited and got the field back… Continue Reading “Tennessee Bird Hunting”