They are not “just” Flip flops! The Grundens Deck Boss Sandal.

Anyone who says all flip flops are created equal has never worn them for a week straight in the summer heat! Flip flops, or sandals, are a part of my wardrobe at least 10 months a year, all three ex-wives had colorful things to say about that. So a quality product is paramount to comfort. The Grundens “deck boss” is simply the best I have ever purchased. I ended up with a pair by accident while on a trip to south Florida last year. I had forgotten by flip flops back in Tennessee. I had stopped at Whites Tackle in Stuart Florida and they had my brand, just not my size. The only other brand that did have my size was Grundens so that’s what I ended up with. Honestly I have not even considered another brand since that day.

The insole. or footbed , is what sold me. Its made of Seadek and after a day it molds itself to the bottom for your foot for the perfect amount of arch support, a thing many flip flops just don’t have. The outsoles are made of razor-siped natural gum rubber which I credit for the all day comfort, even on hard surfaces. Lastly is the antimicrobial properties that keep them from smelling like sweat and fish slime all the time.

Overall these Sandals, or flip flops, get a 10 out of 10 after a long year of abuse,

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