Review: Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling pack.

Fishpond and their commitment to sustainability in the outdoors is a bar we should all set for ourselves. When I think of this pack I remember the old saying “Its handy as a shirt Pocket” because that’s the most accurate way to describe this sling pack. Most sling packs are uncomfortable and the manufacturer tried to put to many pockets and zippers in the darn thing. The thunderhead is built with a purpose and designed for the angler, not the hipster traveler. I cant say enough about the self healing zipper, as its the very definition of perfection.

The water resistant external pocket is spacious and a great place for licenses and your wallet. I used mine 4-nights on the treasure coast of Florida and nothing in the pocket got wet at all. The removable pocket inside the main pack is large and holds a lot of those small items you don’t want to have to dig for such as, car keys, small first aid kit, head lamp, leaders, and tippet.

The main compartment is spacious and will hold your rain coat, small jacket, and a camera with space left over. All in all the Thunderhead Submersible Sling pack of my new favorite back for short adventures around the globe.

My most recent trip I kept 4 bottles of water in the pack and the irony just hit me. These are made of recycled single use water bottles! Remember conservation and sustainability have to go together. Neither is a political keyword they are part of the ethos we should all strive to live by.

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