When its finally time…

Some Trips just take on a mind of their own, this past trip to the treasure coast did just that. I left my farm in Tennessee last Sunday, heading to Orlando for a work conference. Orlando was, as always, a great venue. The weather was outstanding, the cuisine even better, and the nighttime bass fishing was right on point. As I stated earlier after 4-days of Orlando I was already tasting the saltwater spray from a fast moving skiff. Then it was off for Stuart and the treasure coast.

Thursday night was absolutely epic! I landed 25 Snook with several being over the slot, all were released and the slot is only a reference point, and a hand full of moonfish. When midnight rolled around I had had enough. Enough is a funny measurement because its totally situational. Pretty Sure my guide, James Cronk, of 772 Fly and Light tackle was as tired as I was,

Friday rolled around with high winds and bluebird skies and almost crushed my hopes of a second banner night. After working all Morning I spent my lunch hour with the crew of Whites Tackle in Stuart. We decided to wait until 8PM to go fishing because of the wind forecast. I grabbed dinner at Chucks Seafood and we headed out. The wind had died and it was flat water all the way to Jensen beach. We managed 6 snook up that way and started fishing our way back toward the ramp. All in we caught 13 snook and decided to call it a night at 11PM.

Moring rolled around a bit to early on Saturday. I was making plans to run to Vero Beach and see what I could catch. Then I stopped at the coffee pot where a friendly Labrador was greeting the guests. I gave the dog some lovins and wondered what my dogs were doing. Next thing I knew I was packed and headed back north to see my dogs. Sometimes no matter how good a trip has become, no matter how many fish we catch, its just time to go home.

Stuart Florida will be there in April when I arrive. I will run through my routine of Popeyes Chicken, Whites Tackle, the Hampton Inn North, and a shrimp platter at Lola’s seafood eatery, Then I will yet again chase the dream of a 40-inch snook on the fly,

For now Adios my friends,

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