Review: Orvis Pro LT vest

I used to think I was only a jacket hoarder but, the results of a recent closet cleaning indicated that was a lie. Early last season I purchased an Orvis Pro LT upland vest. I have worn it so much I had forgotten about the other 8 I have in the closet. Now, the question would be is this the perfect vest? The honest answer is absolutely not. However this vest, with its positive attributes, may in fact be the perfect “all around” upland vest. That said lets start with the Pros.

  • If your an Orvis person this vest is much lighter than the pervious Orvis Pro vest. 40% lighter in totality which I like because I wear my upland vest more than the average person.
  • The pro LT also has position adjustable pockets. I really like this feature for access customization. It allows the shell pocket to move from your side to the front.
  • The zippered security pockets, which I thought were overkill. have turned out to be a handy feature for small items like a GPS or heaven forbid you carry one, a cell phone.
  • The large, almost oversized game bag will accommodate a 6 bird limit of pheasants no problem. The only problem is carrying 6 birds for any amount of time is a chore!

Now for the Cons of this vest.

  • The shoulder straps are very well padded but, they are too thick for my tastes and make the vest hotter than it needs to be. I had a concern that they inhibited my gun mount but, as it turned out I was just a terrible shot on the trip that caused me to wonder.
  • I would give up the adjustable pockets for the ability to add a pocket, or two, for dog handling equipment but, once again that’s my personal preference based only on my style of hunting.
  • The material and composition of the Pro LT make it extremely durable. In this case that also makes the vest hot during early season hunts.

Overall I wear this vest more than any others I own. If your looking for a single vest to hunt anything from Quail in the south to Northwoods Grouse and out west chasing pheasants, this vest is worth a long hard look.

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