Christmas gift Idea #1. The crappie fishing trip of a lifetime.


If you want to book the crappie fishing trip of a lifetime for yourself, or a loved one, JH Guide Service is your one stop shop. John Harrison, B’n’M pro angler and Mississippi Outdoor Hall of Fame member, is a guide on the North Mississippi lakes of Enid, Sardis, and the holy grail of crappie fishing, Grenada lake.

John’s expertise has gained him national attention in more than one outdoor publication. When In Fisherman magazine wanted to write a story about crappie guides they came to John for his 40+ years experience.

Extreme angler TV has featured John several episode like these:

Enid Lake Slabbin

Slab smashing in ice rain on Enid

Brushpile TV also Featured him 

Wade fishing for crappie on Grenada lake

To get a springtime trip you will need to get it booked now, as those days go fast on the fertile Mississippi lakes John Guides. You can call JH Guide Service at 662-983-5999 and purchase a gift certificate that will lock in your date for this spring. He is also on facebook under JH Guide Service.

Grenada has been hailed ” the land of elephants” because of the size of  her crappie. The coveted 3-pound crappie is something that happens very frequently in Johns Boat.

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