Guntersville Lake, A southern Jewel.

As I watched the sun come up over the ridge at Lake Guntersville for the first morning of the 2018 season I had to smile. I have grown to love this lake and the town of Scottsboro Alabama. Most people come here to relax and enjoy the area, Some come to chase the highly publicized bass population. Then there are the rest of us who know this lake to be one of the finest crappie lakes in the Tennessee River chain of lakes. I have never figured out why people don’t know about the massive population of large crappie in this lake. In a way I am glad they don’t, as I have enjoyed the crappie fishing for a long time with little competition.


The fishing is best from February through April down here for us. After that the grass starts to take over. The fishing can still be good but the grass complicates my style of fishing. However, the guys fishing the bridges and those pulling crankbaits over open water stay successful all season. That’s just the Big G for you, she will give you world class fish all year long if you just listen to the ole girl.

The only problem fishing here in the spring is the unpredictable wind and its impact on boat control but, that’s a factor that can be dealt with, the fishery makes it all worth it. On a side note this lake can hurt you if you’re not careful so you do have to be cognizant of the wind and what direction it is blowing. That said a quality PFD and kill switch are a things you don’t forget when running the main lake.


The best section of the lake, for more reasons than fishing, is the Scottsboro area up to the inlet to the Stevenson park. The multitude of shallow bays and tree ridden creek arms make the perfect place to find slab crappie. The early spring is my favorite time on the lake, The fish are in schools out off  the spawning areas, Generally they are holding in 10-14 feet of water and are easy target for long line trolling or spider rigging, my two favorite methods of fishing.

The other main reason I like this end of the lake is the area. Scottsboro, unlike other towns on the lake, understands the impact the lake has on the local economy and uses it to their advantage. The people are always super nice and kind, and the town as a whole seems to appreciate the anglers business. We have made lifelong friendships here.


Accommodations in the part of the lake are top shelf as well. Camping is the areas strong point and, although we used Goose Pond for years, the Jackson county park is the campers jewel. Its location is perfect and the facilities are outstanding. The prices there are much more reasonable than the city ran Goose Pond. It never hurts to have a world class BBQ place right in the marina either!

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