Another Big Win by B’n’M Pro’s


On January 9th the Mississippi Catfish Trail has the final leg of their series on the Mighty Mississippi River. I left Tennessee thinking it would be a nice change to be warm for a few days but, I was very wrong in that regard.

When Saturday rolled around it was all of 21 degree’s at the pre-launch meeting. In fact it was so cold they has a propane fireplace burning so you would not get frostbite before you even hit the water. When day break arrived it the temperatures had risen into the mid 20’s.

I jumped in the boat with the B’n’m Pro Staff team of David Magness and Rusty Jackson and away we went down river. The temperature was 24, the boat was running 45, and the wind was blowing 12-15 mph. I am not sure how you would get a windchill out of all that but, I can assure you it was ” all the way cold” according to David.

They fished all day and caught 4 fish but that was not enough to win the event as that big fish bite evaded them with the cold front. However they had enough points to win the Mississippi Catfish Trail Anglers of the Year.

Congratulations on yet another bug win by a team of B’n’M pro Anglers.

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