Squirrel Hunt 8/27/17


This morning was no different than any other weekend morning around the house. Wake up at 5 am, let Rio outside, start coffee maker, and jump in the shower. Once the coffee was done I walked outside to see if Rio had dragged up anything he had found on his morning walkabout. That’s the moment I felt that slight chill of the upcoming fall and then that push to take a walkabout of my own.


I contend that the push I feel every fall is my fathers spirit making sure I don’t forget where I came from. I didn’t come from a big game hunting family. I mean we deer hunted when I was a kid but, it was always archery hunts with the latest and greatest Fred Bear recurve bows. We might hunt once or twice for deer. However from the day small game season opened until the last day of season we chased small game and upland birds.


Opening day of small game season is just a special day in my heart. I feel a sadness when I open magazines or read the interweb because it’s all about the antlers. Sometimes I wonder with deer hunting being what it is, and all the technology at the hands of today’s deer hunters, if basic woodsmanship has been forgotten

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