Giving the Crappies a short Break. It’s going to get busy around here.


Sometimes I have to give the crappies a break from our constant harassment. Squirrel season opens next weekend, yes some of us are still old school and small game hunt. Then the following weekend is the dove opener, finally a few short weeks later is Bow season. Then for me I have a 4 day pig hunt in south Texas so things are going to get busy quite fast around here.

A few useful hints about Dove season. First make sure the license vendor put the FREE migratory bird endorsement on your license. Do not assume because you purchased a sportsman’s license, or because you told the clerk that you have it. Double check and make sure before you enter the field.

Second is a tip from my friend Chris Nichan of Rod and Gun guide Service. Ask the owner of the field if its a legal field before you load your gun. It may seem trivial but a baited field will get everyone a really nice citation. Ignorance is not a viable excuse. If your hosting a field its not a bad idea to ask the TWRA to come take a look and make sure you’re  legal as well.

If its hot, and it normally is, insure you take enough water for the day. We typically have lunch at 11 and start hunting at at the first legal opportunity. If your plans are to hunt all day a good supply of cold water is a really good idea. I have seen to many show up with a truck load of shells and nothing to drink. If you’re hunting with a dog don’t forget they work twice as hard as us and they need water as well.

I have priced dove shells and the cheapest place has been Walmart. they are 4.74 there, 4.99 at Academy, and 5.00 at Bass Pro.

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