Bill H.R. 861 An attack on the environment.


I don’t care what your political affiliation currently is, this bill is an outright attack on the environment that outdoors people love so much.

This bill was sponsored by Matt Gaetz (r),  , of Florida. The EPA, much like the IRS, has a purpose and could use close scrutiny but does not need to be abolished. The good can out weigh the bad in the EPA. The clean water act is one of the things this bill will eliminate. The clean water act or US water Rule is one thing that has been refined, redefined, and adjusted to better the lives of everyone in America.

I encourage everyone to reach out to their political representatives and pose strong opposition to this bill. This bill, much like the withdrawn H.R. 621 will ruin decades of work by sportsman and sportsman’s groups.

How can America be great again when we eliminate the only thing that keeps big business from polluting our natural resources?

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