Percy Priest Report 1/30/2017

img_2193The bite on Priest has been staying steady. The fish seem to be holding to the inside of creek channels out in 10-12 feet of water. As of this weekend the lake was still in the Mid 50’s and water clarity was stained but, not muddy. The wind has been a factor the last few trips and made long lining a challenged but, the Ranger RT 178 tracked extremely well in the wind blown channels.


Fish fell to both Strike king slab hammer crankbaits in a citrus shad and the Mr Crappie slabalicious in the Hot chicken .com color. The crankbaits were trolled in 15 feet of water at a high rate of speed (1.5). The key was to run them at least 100 feet behind the boat. The jigs with the slabalicious hot chicken were trolled at .7 mph and had to be kept far behind the boat as well. We tried using 1/16 jig heads but could not seem to get down to the fish but an 1/8 seemed to put us right above their heads.

After a dinner of Crappie Filet Scampi we are loaded up and ready to get after them again this week.

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