Big Bass Splash wrap up.


This past weekend Bob Sealy, owner of Sealy Outdoors, brought his Big Bass Splash to Scottboro for the 14th consecutive year. Approximately 1200 anglers converged on the town to try for a piece of the 220,000-dollars in guaranteed cash and prized to be given away. The number includes not one, but TWO Triton boats powered by Mercury Outboards. It goes without saying that many people left with a little heavier wallet. $105,000 dollars of the total went to anglers in hourly payouts. No other tournament series in America pays this kind of money to amateurs.  Amidst all the angler payouts they also made a $5000.00 donation to the Ronald McDonald House, a charity that Bob Sealy holds near and dear to his heart.


Day one brought pretty good weather and plenty of fish. The wind was the only thing folks had to battle. Throughout the day all the hourly exact weight bass spots were paid as well as $5000.00 an hour all day.

Day two was chilly and breezy, but the Lake Guntersville bass were ready to show out. Once again as the day progressed the anglers slowly, but surely filled their pockets with thousands of dollars. The kids were the highlight of the day. Watching some of the little anglers weigh their perch, crappie, catfish, and bass gives one hope that the future of fishing is in good hands. The kids get paid also for the top three of each species every day. This event has brought families back to fishing that may have otherwise not participated together.


As the sun came up on day three we realized it had rained that night, and it was not a warm spring rain. Lake temps had dropped a degree or more and the skies threatened more rain, but the rain held off and the wind laid down. By the time the last hour had come and gone the anglers were wore down from three full days of run and gun bass fishing. For some it paid off and for others it did not. I met an angler who won $275.00 dollars on day one, then went out and destroyed his lower unit the afternoon of day two. His only comment was “that’s why I have boat insurance and a spare boat”. Yes, they had towed a spare boat in from Tennessee just in case trouble came and it paid big dividends. Two other anglers I met had a blown powerhead but kept fishing under power of the trolling motor. When the scales closed the big winner was Jamie Moore, of Cullman AL, with a 10.81-pound bass. Some people say Chickamauga has replaced Guntersville as a prime big bass lake. I say horse puckey as last month it only took 10.86 to win at Chic. Lake Guntersville will always, barring some tragedy, be a top tier southern Bass Lake.


The one thing missing at the awards ceremony was Bob Himself. It seems he got very sick Saturday and the doctor said he had to stay in bed and rest for a day or two. We all hope Bob makes a speedy recovery. His stand in did a knock out job and the ceremony as always, was a great time for all. He had eluded to a big announcement about next years event and it being the 15th year in Scottsboro. I guess we will have to wait for that one.


The City knows the impact this event has on Scottsboro, over three million dollars gets pumped into the Scottsboro and Jackson County economy in 5-6 days. There were anglers from not only all walks of life, but many states and a few came from Canada just to fish this wonderful lake.

Guntersville Crappie Report


Well its almost ready. The crappie have been staging in about 12-feet of water for weeks and now they are beginning the move to shallower water. Give it another week and the fishing should be crazy!

Big Bass Splash Guntersville


March 24th, 2018-  The 14th consecutive Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash is happening now in Scottsboro, AL. Even though the weather conditions are not ideal the anglers have come in droves. As of Saturday morning there were approximately 1000 anglers registered! That is roughly 500 boats and, they are still taking registrations.


Anglers of all ages are all fishing for a piece of the unprecedented amateur payouts


Young angler Hunter Hilliard weighed his fish early on Saturday morning. He may  have not gotten a check but he was the happiest angler in the weigh in line.


Johnathan Bowen of Gadsden Al hit the 3-pound exact weight fish for a 1000.00 dollar payday.


Jeremiah Armstrong of Jackson, Al followed the 3-pound exact weight up with a 5-pound exact weight fish for the second 1000.00 payday of the morning.


Our friends at POWER-POLE have a nice booth set up at the weigh in site.

Bob Sealy has eluded to a big announcement Sunday that pertains to the 2019 Big Bass Splash here in Scottsboro, AL. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the weekend.

American Crappie Trail Press Release




America’s Highest Paying and Most Prestigious Crappie Fishing Trail

Ridgeland, MS, March 19th 2018– The American Crappie Trail is set to hold its second tournament of the  2018 season at Ross Barnett Reservoir in Ridgeland Mississippi on April 20 & 21 2018. The ACT is the highest paying and most prestigious crappie fishing trail in America. We will bring teams of anglers from over 15 states to town on April 20th & 21st 2018.

From a fresh and innovative format that includes TV show that airs on Pursuit, Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports South, live production weigh in, drive through weigh in, a Ranger Boat at every tournament to the winners, and over 100% payout.  Our events are open to anyone from the first-time tournament angler to the experienced.  With this new format comes new rules.  Make sure to check out the ACT rules at

We have a major economic impact in the local economy for this 2-day event. Most teams will make multiple trips to the lake prior to the event.  ACT is working with anglers in the community and sponsors to develop conservation minded trail to promote crappie fishing for Ridgeland, MS. None of this would be possible without our fantastic sponsors:  Lucas Oil, Protect the Harvest, B’n’M Poles, MidState Seed, Engel Coolers, Frontier Metal, General Tire, Super Clean, Abernathy’s, Rockport Rattler, Power Pole, Ranger Boats, Evinrude, RoadRunner, Charlie Brewer Slider, Mid-South Tackle, Bug Band, Rod Sox, Bobby Garland, American Angler, Skipper Jigs, Crappie Now, Driftmaster, Grizzly Jig, ProBuilt Jig

For more information visit


Matt Morgan, Tournament Director


Catfish Conference 2018. A look back.


Well I attended the Catfish Conference 2018 in Louisville KY. Since it was the fist I was able to attend I had some expectations. Some were met and many others were not. I must say I registered electronically and had my tickets ready to go when I arrived. The fly in the buttermilk was it was easier to just walk in than come preregistered. Took us about 20 minutes to get through the “process” of being proactive and registering online.

Once we got in the door it was sensory overload if you were looking for rods. They had rods and I mean a huge selection of them. Everyone from B’n’M to small unheard of companies were on site, and had plenty of product to sell. It should have been billed at the Catfish Rod Conference. It goes without saying the selection was great.


The Slime line booth was the most interesting and spent we some time talking to these folks and learning about the product. They are good people that make a great product.

One could not walk around the show floor and not notice a lack of several things. The biggest was there were virtually no electronics, or electronics companies present. In a sport where you live and die by your graph, and how well you use it, I found this to be “odd”. Also I couldn’t seem to locate any cold/wet weather gear either. Two things I expected to see at this show.

Lastly was boats or the lack of boats is more accurate. I get it Sea Ark was the headline sponsor but there was not even a good selection of those on site. I think there was one G3 as well. Maybe I expected to much, but in a sport growing this fast I just expected the boats to be the center piece of the show.

All in all it was worth the trip but I will wait until it grows enough to have more than rods before I make another trek across the country.

On a side note I tried to reach out to the staff before and after the show but never did get a response.

Turkey Season and clean shotguns

As Turkey season get underway we all know that our guns are going to get rained on, covered in mud, or just plain Dirty.


That is where Lucas Oil extreme duty gun oil can help you out. This product is part of their outdoor line. and one that really works wonders when it comes to firearms maintenance.

Slime line

My friends Tom Hankins and Ron Bilbrey, pro staff for BnM poles and Slime line fishing, are here to talk about Slime Line.

Engel Coolers Team

The Engel Coolers team setting in 7th after day 1 here at Neely Henry lake,


Lucas Oil

Everyone knows I only use Lucas Oil products in my equipment, but I had to share the picture of this boat with everyone. This was taken at the American Crappie Trail event on Neely Henry lake in Gasdsen, Alabama.DSC_0562-2