About & Rates

Born in Michigan and went to high school in Southern Illinois I was always a fisherman and hunter. In 1986 I went in the US Army and stayed there until 1996 when I decided to live in Tennessee. I am the wingshooting editor for On the Fly Magazine and write for numerous mainstream Fly Fishing and Outdoors Magazines such as American Fly Fishing, Fishing Facts, Fur Fish Game and Mid West Outdoors. I am also a pro staff member and Fly Designer at Catch Fly fishing. Currently I am working on a book about living life in the outdoors. I can be contacted at troy.lee.basso@gmail.com .


Full day Fly fishing 350.00

1/2 day Fly Fishing 250.00

Fly tying classes

April 22nd “Tying Effective Bass Flies” at Fly South in Nashville, TN

May 29th– Tying inshore flies at Fly South in Nashville, TN

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