Crappie USA Guntersville Lake


This past Saturday was a lesson in adversity, and respecting mother nature, for the anglers fishing the Crappie USA event out of Goose Pond Colony. All week the weather forecast had been sketchy at best. Severe storms seemed to be the common denominator in any forecast you watched. Combine the threat of severe weather with the past month of record-breaking rain and you have very tough conditions on any lake.

When I pulled into the Goose Pond Bait and Tackle for weigh in the waves in the bay were white capping, so we all know how rough the main channel had to be. Those who are not crappie fisherman know that the wind is your worst enemy when the bite is subtle, as it always is during pre or post frontal conditions It was apparent these anglers  had a rough day on the water.

As the anglers started filtering in to weigh their catch you heard a lot about the wind and tough bite. The concern for those still on the lake was evident as well. This weigh in was different than any I have ever attended in that about 330pm the tornado sirens went off, as if mother nature had not been brutal enough.

When the storm subsided, and the amateur division finished weighing in, Bobby Johnson and Brett Curtis of Stanford Ky won with a total one-day weight of 13.43. Second was the Somerset Ky team of Donald Hicken and Chad hill with a weight of 12.37. Third, and the last double-digit bag was the local team of Ricky Baker and James Lovings from Gurley Al. After these the weights dropped faster than the thermometer during a cold front. 8.94-2.54 was the range. There were 8 teams that showed a no weight on the official score card. In retrospect it’s amazing that these weights were even brought in given the hazardous conditions throughout the day.

On the pro side the struggle was also evident, but the Alabama Duo of Johnny Walker and Jeff Ramsey managed to pull out their second pro event win on the Lake. A month ago, they won the American Crappie Trail season opener and took home a new Ranger Boat. They won the pro division of the Crappie USA event by over 2lbs. Second place was the Alabama team of John Pierce and Jason Houston. They weighed an 11.23-pound bag of fish.


The silver lining to a rough day at weigh in was being able to go “home” to the cabins at Goose Pond Colony. Even when all you wanted was warm and dry these cabins are plush and comfortable. Four queen beds, two full bathrooms, large living room, kitchen and dining room. If you have never stayed in them, you are missing a component of a great stay in the Goose Pond Colony. The staff are all top shelf and the cabins are two minutes from the Goose Pond bait and Tackle, the “Docks” restaurant, the golf course and of course the boat ramp.

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