Ross Barnett Championship Saturday with the American Crappie Trail.


Day two started an hour before the sun broke the horizon here in Ridgeland, MS. It appeared at first that the wind was going to give the anglers a reprieve but, by day break the wind was blowing and the boats hulls were talking as they tried to get on plane. Even with rain and more wind in the forecast this afternoon the excitement and enthusiasm in the air was remarkable.

Even today the entire top ten can change in just 7 fish. That’s the beauty of crappie fishing, it can be a comeback story sport. All it takes is one stump, one school of fish, and as always just a little luck.


Capps and Coleman, in the Super Clean boat, are the leaders but went into day two cautiously optimistic. The wind was not blowing in their favor today, as it was yesterday. The second place team of Whitey and Matt outlaw, in the General tire boat, were also optimistic but keeping an eye to wind direction as well. The rest of the field was optimistic and positive, especially after seeing what Ross Barnett has to offer, as far as the size of fish go. This lake has truly shown out this weekend and the weigh in should be fantastic.


They say when the weigh in lines closes the fun starts and today it sure did. Team after team brought in 13+ pound bags. The wind may have blown but these guys adapted and overcame. Everything was rolling along great and then… right before the top ten teams weighed in a local lady had her water break and the fire trucks and ambulances showed up. Not to be put out tournament director Matt Morgan stopped weigh in, moved boats, and then restarted the weigh in. Once gain proving this trail is top notch and run by professionals.

Once the scales were shut down the winners lined up to be paid, and what a payout it was:  First-place team of Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman, in the Super clean boat, took home $28,100 in cash and Prizes. The second-place General Tire team of Whitey Outlaw and Matthew Outlaw took home $7,800. The field was paid down to 16th place at 850 dollars.  This type of payout in crappie fishing has been unheard of until now. The American Crappie Trail will continue its growth for many years to come.

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