Ross Barnett pre tournament banquet with the American Crappie Trail


4/19/18 Ridgeland MS- Tonight we attended the seminar and Banquet to kick off the second American Crappie Trail event, sponsored by Protect the harvest, at Ross Barnett reservoir. The event venue was ‘The place at Harbor Crossing”. A perfect venue for an event such at this. The CVB from Ridgeland was there to meet all the anglers and hand out information about the area.


As the anglers filtered in the one thing that became evident was the shift in crappie fishing. These guys were in jerseys, rather than the stereotypical straw hats and rubber boots. The Television production crew was doing interviews and getting footage for American Crappie Trail TV. The transition in crappie fishing, from a pastime to a legitimate angling sport, is becoming evident at these events. You can see the change in the behavior of the anglers as well. They are getting comfortable with cameras and TV production, so much that they are beginning to show their personalities on camera. All we can say is what a great metamorphosis to witness.

The boat count ended up being 80 teams from across the United States. A nice increase from the first event, but growth that we expected to see. This tournament trail is setting the bar very high for themselves and the anglers alike.


Throughout the evening you could see old friendships renewed and new ones formed. It appeared that the anglers were standing together for the improvement of the sport.

Matt Morgan, ACT tournament director, covered the rules and took time to recognize the effort these anglers have put in to help grow the sport.

As the evening wrapped up and the anglers shuffled outside. the topic of discussion was the wind and its potential impact to not only fishing but safety as well. We shall see what happens in the morning here at Ross Barnett.

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