Catfish Conference 2018. A look back.


Well I attended the Catfish Conference 2018 in Louisville KY. Since it was the fist I was able to attend I had some expectations. Some were met and many others were not. I must say I registered electronically and had my tickets ready to go when I arrived. The fly in the buttermilk was it was easier to just walk in than come preregistered. Took us about 20 minutes to get through the “process” of being proactive and registering online.

Once we got in the door it was sensory overload if you were looking for rods. They had rods and I mean a huge selection of them. Everyone from B’n’M to small unheard of companies were on site, and had plenty of product to sell. It should have been billed at the Catfish Rod Conference. It goes without saying the selection was great.


The Slime line booth was the most interesting and spent we some time talking to these folks and learning about the product. They are good people that make a great product.

One could not walk around the show floor and not notice a lack of several things. The biggest was there were virtually no electronics, or electronics companies present. In a sport where you live and die by your graph, and how well you use it, I found this to be “odd”. Also I couldn’t seem to locate any cold/wet weather gear either. Two things I expected to see at this show.

Lastly was boats or the lack of boats is more accurate. I get it Sea Ark was the headline sponsor but there was not even a good selection of those on site. I think there was one G3 as well. Maybe I expected to much, but in a sport growing this fast I just expected the boats to be the center piece of the show.

All in all it was worth the trip but I will wait until it grows enough to have more than rods before I make another trek across the country.

On a side note I tried to reach out to the staff before and after the show but never did get a response.

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