Gadsden Alabama, more than just a small town

Gadsden is more than simply another small town. Its a fishing town with flair! While visiting,with the American Crappie Trail, we were treated very good by everyone we encountered.


Coosa landing was the first stop, to check on the launching facilities and the bait situation. The landing and boat shops are operated by the city and very accommodating. The landings manager Julie Tucker was very helpful to all the staff and anglers alike.


The Gentleman running the bait shop was a great man, in more ways than customer service. Mr. Godfrey is both a Korean war and Vietnam war veteran, He not only retired from the Army but he has since retired two more times! He is currently working on another retirement with the city. It was great to meet an American Hero on this trip. Thank you for your service Mr. Godfrey.


Next Stop was Noccalulu Falls Park in Gadsden. The park is gorgeous and just a short ride from downtown.

All in all Gadsden is a beautiful city full of wonderful people. It just happens to be on the shores of Neely Henry Lake and the makes it a beautiful fishing community as well.

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