ACT Challenge at Grenada Lake


OK sports fans the inaugural season of the American Crappie Trail is now officially a wrap. The ACT Challenge at Grenada lake was held this weekend, and what an event it was. This was a “Match Fishing” style event where the fish were weighed and released immediately, no live wells needed. Matt Morgan wanted to have an event while being able to promote conservation on this great lake. I would love to see more of these type events.

Four teams came from around the United States to fish. There was no money other than a fruit jar for this event. These teams all came because it was a grudge match. They have been fishing against each other all year and it was time to see who were the big dogs.


Morgan and Watson came from Indiana to fish.


The Team of Bullock and Bryant made the trip in from Missouri.


Its hard to have a crappie tournament without the Team of Capps and Coleman from Tennessee.


Finally the Outlaws from South Carolina came in. Whitey and Matt are a father and son team that are together for the 2018 Season. Both are prolific tournament anglers with to many wins to list but, this will be their first season together.

The event was broken down into two sessions. The morning session was great for most of the teams except for Capps and Coleman who struggled out of the gate. The second session was a little different story and Capps and Coleman started catching good fish. It appeared there might be a comeback in the making. That’s when the bite just died.


When all the boats were put in the trailers for the season, and the weights were added up, the B’N’M poles team of Whitey and Matt Outlaw became the ACT Challenge at Grenada Lake winners!DSC_0111

I don’t want to reveal many more of the details as you can tune into the American Crappie Trail TV show in January to see the whole 2017 season. The first episode will be this event. The show will air on the Pursuit Channel, Fox Sports South and Fox Sports Mid-West.

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