B’nM Pro anglers Bunting and Bunting win the first American Crappie Trail Lucas Oil National Championship.

DSC_0194Charlie and Travis Bunting, B’nM pro anglers, made history last weekend at The Lake of the Ozarks by winning the first American Crappie Trail Lucas oil National Championship. The father and son team were a local favorite on this Missouri lake. They are from Jefferson City, MO and call Truman Lake their home water but, these pro anglers never missed a beat when they traveled to LOZ.

Charlie was very open when I asked how they won it. They spider rigged all weekend using, what he calls, his run and gun technique. They covered 40+ brush-plies, or other structure, everyday over a 10-15 mile stretch of lake. The rig they used is a double rig with a 1/4 ounce jig on the bottom tipped with a muddy water bait, they had a hook with a minnow about 12-inches above it.


Charlie said they used the 12-foot B’nM ultralight poles for this event as they needed to keep all their baits in a very tight area. When I asked about the wind, and how it impacted boat speed, he says his Powerpoles with Powerpole drift paddles allowed him to have precise speed control even in the 15-mph wind they faced.

I noticed the duo had a couple of the Engle Bait coolers on board so I had to ask why? Charlie, a pretty plainspoken man, said it was simple if that cooler tips over in the wind the water does not spill out due to the seal on the lid. He uses these in his seminars and sets them upside down on his table, full of water!

The Father and son team took home a package worth over 49000-dollars including a new Ranger 519C powered by Evinrude.

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