Bourbon, Cigars, and the American Crappie Trail.


I just finished phase one of packing up for the American Crappie Trail classic at Lake of the Ozarks. I inadvertently packed up my Blanton’s Bourbon and cigar case which almost ruined the evening. There isn’t much better than a cool fall breeze, a glass of Blanton’s neat, and a fine cigar.  However all was saved as I forgot about the spare bottle and spare box of cigars in my bag from the Texas hog hunting trip last week. So the night is still in good shape.

After a call with Matt Morgan of the American Crappie Trail, I have pages of notes to go through before I even arrive. This Trail is going to take competitive crappie fishing to the proverbial next level. In our industry we hear about game changers a lot, especially from the plethora of pro staff wanna be anglers during ICAST. However as a skeptic of all things that are touted as ground breaking I can say the path of the American Crappie Trail is one filled with the potential for greatness.

All that said stay tuned this week for updates from the classic. I will be recording the inaugural podcast of ” Outdoors with Troy Basso” while on site at the classic.


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